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Our experience in aerospace

Unisign CNC machining centres

Your productivity really takes off with Unisign CNC machines

We have been supplying advanced CNC machining centres to Tier 1 and Tier 2 aerospace industry suppliers worldwide since 1999. The high-quality aluminium components they produce on our machines are parts for commercial, military and private jets manufactured by leading companies such as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer. We are familiar with their manufacturing challenges, so we also understand the challenges you face. Time and time again we are able to improve production times and quality for our clients and so help them strengthen their market position. Our dedicated machines for the aerospace industry can also make the difference for you.

Our focus is on your manufacturing process when developing our CNC machining centres. In other words, it’s our goal to help you improve your production processes. Less downtime, more uptime and greater output. After all, we know you want to operate 24/7. Our machines can cope with that. In the past few years we have built up a solid track record with our machinery for clients manufacturing complex, elongated aluminium parts.

CNC machining of aerospace components

Leading suppliers in the aerospace industry choose our CNC machining centres for manufacturing medium to large-sized aluminium components efficiently and cost effectively. Key components in aircraft construction for which our proven machining concepts are deployed include:

wing components
empenage components
– fuselage sections
– seating and cargo rails

Lowest costs per product

Our strength is developing machines for manufacturing elongated aluminium components with dimensions from 1 to 6 metres long and up to 800 mm wide. We can say with confidence that, in this segment, we are the only supplier of CNC machining centres that have a milling capacity of more than 10,000 cm3 per minute. And thanks to the unique spindle in our specialist machines for the aerospace industry, you too can achieve the lowest cost per product.

Time study: a practical demonstration for you

Every production process is unique, which is why every CNC machining centre we supply is different and made to order. Of course, you want to hear that our machine can handle all the challenges your production process presents. But seeing is believing! On request, we will conduct a time study for you and demonstrate the capabilities of our machines.

It will soon become clear to you that you can achieve the lowest cost per product with our proposed Unisign configuration and the guaranteed results of the time study. We are more than happy to show you our production site in Panningen, the Netherlands. We’re located less than an hour’s drive from major airports.

Everything under one roof

We produce 90% of the components and technology that go into our CNC machining centres ourselves, using our own Unisign machines. And that also applies to all the stages our products go through. From engineering and design to production, assembly and installation: we do everything ourselves. This not only ensures that we know our own machines inside out, it also means we don’t have to depend on third parties. What’s more, we always have the most important components you may need in stock.

Production support

We are confident that you will improve your productivity with our innovative CNC machining centres. We want to be the service partner who thinks along with you and you can count on us for a high level of service and support. We would love to share our knowledge so you can get the best from our machines. To help you get production underway for a specific component, we will analyse that part thoroughly. Our experts will advise you on the ideal set up options and, in consultation with you, will determine the best possible production strategy.

Responsive factory support

In the event of a breakdown, we provide responsive support in your factory. At Unisign this means that we always send a service engineer with specialist knowledge of your CNC machining centre. And when you contact us by telephone, the person at our end of the line knows the machine installed at your location because they will have been involved in its production.

We will diagnose the problem remotely before we send someone to remedy your breakdown. This means you can be certain that our service engineer will always bring the right parts. Our component exchange system enables us to replace critical components quickly.

Training for your employees

We provide three standard training courses exclusively for your employees so they can learn how to operate our specialist machines. When your new CNC machining centre is ready for delivery from our Panningen factory, we will invite your colleagues and employees to the Programming and Maintenance training courses. At a later stage, when the machine is installed, your operators will participate in our practical Operator training course so they know exactly how to work with the Unisign machines.

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