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Planetary gear boxes


Pump housings, valve housings

Turbo charger casings

Turbine & generator parts

Impellers for industrial blowers

Triple offset butterfly valve

Control valves

Sub-sea valves

Any application that fits your needs

We understand that every customer has unique needs. If you fail to find the application you are interested in, please, get in contact with us and we will provide the reliable solution.
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Industry benefits


We try to be one step further and think of innovative solutions that can help our clients to work with state-of-the-art machines to meet the increased productivity needs of manufacturers, from aerospace to energy to automotive to oil & gas.


Unisign has many years’ experience in machine building, and knows how to help you get the most out of its machines. Need to increase productivity? Aiming to maximise accuracy? Want to cut down on machine stops and collisions? Our After Sales specialists are on hand.


Through years of experience, UNISIGN has evolved into an international operating company with an impressive installed base. Core to our success has been a clear company philosophy: to design all our standard machines in such a way that they can be tailor-made to create the ideal solution for each individual customer.

Worldwide network

Unisign supports and sells its high-end machining centres through a worldwide network of dealers. That way our customers have the choice to speak directly to Unisign or via a local representative.

We serve other industries

  • Logistics
  • Energy
  • General machining

We have established a world leading position in front axle machining. Truck manufacturers and suppliers use our UNITWIN CNC machine to produce more than 2 million front axles every year.

For the complex rear axle machining we also have a dedicated solution: our UNIAXLE. With this new CNC machine you can machine cast iron as well as steel welded rear axles to the greatest precision, in the shortest possible time, all in a single setup.

For everything from bogies to wheels and weld preparation to wheel carrier machining, Unisign has highly versatile machines like the Uniport6000 and Uniport7000. These gantry style machining centres are part of the machine tool program that have been designed to deliver extremely high capacity, dynamics, rapid acceleration and offer a generous working area.

applications for logistics

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Heavy duty turning, milling and drilling characterises the production of components for energy-producing equipment like (wind) turbines. So you need a CNC machine that can take the load. A mill-turn machining centre like the Unicom6000, Unicom7000 and the Uniport7000-MTC or a multi-functional Uniport6000 and Uniport7000 are the ideal solution for producing these demanding parts.

Pumps and valves for the oil & gas industry can be highly complex parts to produce with seals, gaskets, flanges and requirements like spiral grooves and elliptical conical eccentric turning. The machining centres from Unisign, with their high degree of automation and specially designed software, are a unique solution capable of milling parts that others cannot.

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At Unisign we understand that our customers don’t just buy a CNC machine, they buy a process. And price per part is key. So for general applications we offer high torque machines with high material removal rates, including 5-axis and 5-sided machining and a choice of moving table or palletized, depending on the footprint available.

applications for general machining

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