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turbo charger casings

a wide choice in CNC machining centres
for energy equipment customers

Unisign CNC machining centres are ideal for producing large, heavy components for the energy (oil & gas) industry, from turbo charge casings to sub-sea valves and pump housings. The Unicom6000, Uniport6000 and Uniport7000-MTC, which all offer combined operations from one machine, are well suited to the manufacturing of such components; the choice of machine depends on the requirements of your specific application.

quality and productivity

Both the Uniport7000-MTC and the multi-task Unicom6000 are ideal for machining large turbo charger casings as well as manifolds. With a pallet changer and carousel turning station, these vertical turning and milling machining centres handle these large, heavy parts with ease.

Features include:
• Horizontal machining with right angular head and A-axis
• Large diameter swing circles (from ø2 m to 6.5 m)
• Stable and rigid box-in-box construction for high accuracy
• Gear box driven spindle

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