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torsional elastic steel spring couplings

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Unisign CNC machining centres are suitable for producing a wide variety of components, from beams, frames and couplings to parts for military vehicles, agricultural equipment and industrial applications. The Unisign range of portal, moving column and multi-task machines offers enormous versatility and broad capability; the final choice of machine depends on the requirements of your specific application.

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The multi-task Unicom6000 and Unicom7000 and Uniport 7000-MTC have just what you need for machining torsional elastic steel spring couplings for locomotives or ship engines. With the powerful main spindle and carousel turning station, these parts are produced in a highly cost effective manner. Unisign mill-turn solutions work with customer specific machining heads.

Features include:
• Ram design allows ‘plunging’ for inside operations
• Powerful main spindle and carousel turning station
• 5-axes machining
• Reduced lead times

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We understand that every customer has unique needs. Customer satisfaction is very important to us so in addition to standard machines we provide custom-made solutions that fit your industry requirements. If your application is not listed here, please get in touch with us and we will provide exactly the solution you need.