a wide choice in CNC machining centres
for customers manufacturing general applications

Unisign CNC machining centres are suitable for producing a wide variety of components, from beams, frames and couplings to parts for military vehicles, agricultural equipment and industrial applications. The Unisign range of portal and multi-task machines offers enormous versatility and broad capability; the final choice of machine depends on the requirements of your specific application.

clamping flexibility

Traverses, especially long traverses, require clamping flexibility. The moving column Univers6000 provides exactly that, on work pieces up to 8 metres long, and it needs minimum set-up time. Movable tables with hydraulically activated chucks can be set manually or automatically.

Features include:
• Rotary and clamping tables for enhanced usability
• Pendulum machining possibility, for added flexibility
• 5-sided machining with right angular head
• Combines high accuracy with a large work envelope

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