engine block

a wide choice in CNC machining centres
for truck industry customers

Unisign CNC machining centres are ideal for producing large automotive components for trucks, such as axles, engine blocks and chassis side members. They are supplied to world leading truck manufacturers on all continents of the world. Whether you choose the Unipro5L, the Univers6000 or the versatile Unitwin6000 depends on the requirements of your specific application.

high speed and accurate machining

For fast, accurate machining of engine blocks for trucks, the moving column Unipro5L and Univers6000 machine are ideal. All it needs is one set up to perform drilling, tapping, boring and reaming of a complete block. The innovative machine cooling system creates extremely high thermal stability.

Other features include:
• Large work envelope
• Various different spindle configurations, from light machining to high power
• 3 or 4-axis machining
• Automation

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