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side and roof panels

for train industry

a wide choice in CNC machining centres
for customers manufacturing trains

Unisign CNC machining centres are ideal for producing both small and large components for trains. Applications include bogie frames and undercarriages, wheels, panels and steel plate weld preparation. The Unicom6000, Uniport6000 / 7000 and 7000-MTC are all well suited to the manufacturing of such parts; the choice of machine depends on the requirements of your specific application.

large work envelope

Large components such as side and roof panels for train carriages require a machine with a large work envelope. The Uniport6000 and the Uniport6000-HV are ideal for this work. Clamping tables in various lengths can handle different loads.

Features include:
• Machining heads for flexible machining
• Powerful machining
• Large working area
• Flexible work area, with pendulum machining possibility

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