Rear axle machining

In a single setup!

Dedicated CNC machining centres
For truck industry customers

Our dedicated CNC machines are ideal for producing large automotive components for trucks, such as front and rear axles, engine blocks and chassis side members. They are supplied to world leading truck manufacturers on all continents of the world.

Accurate and fast

We have developed a unique CNC machine: the UNIAXLE. A dedicated CNC machine for rear axle machining in a single setup. Both for welded and casted rear axles.
You gain state-of-the-art technology and boost your machining efficiency in a single investment with our UNIAXLE CNC machine.
You can machine the complete axle in just one setup on a single machine. Your production process will be faster and more accurate. The single clamping means greater process reliability and a significant reduction in changeover times.

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CNC machine in focus