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Our experience in pumps and valves

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machine your valve and pump equipment smoothly with Unisign CNC machines

Standards are high in the oil and gas, chemical, mining and food sectors. The quality and reliability of pumps and valves is essential to ensure that processes run safely and reliably. As a pump and valve manufacturer, you can exceed your clients’ expectations when you deploy our CNC machines. You can use our machining centres for manufacturing pump housings, valve bodies, subsea valves, butterfly valves or control valves. Whether your focus is more on machine accessibility or on optimal loading, Unisign has various machine designs that fulfil your requirements perfectly.

Our CNC machines are particularly suitable for processing large products used for transporting fluids and gases, such as pump housings and valve bodies. Prestigious manufacturers around the world rely on our solutions and support. We understand their business and know that flexibility, accuracy, machining time and high deployability are key – for all parties. You can use our machinery to carry out a wide range of operations on a wide range of products, without losing time setting up the machine and clamping products.

Closed machine design

Our UNICOM 6000 and UNICOM 7000 are closed multitasking CNC machines, suitable for performing both milling and turning operations with high capacity and accuracy. These machining centres are fully enclosed, so your working environment remains safe and clean. This keeps all the swarf and fluid waste in the machine and you can directly extract any fumes released.

Our closed CNC machines have an automatic pallet changer. While the machine is processing one product, the next product is already being clamped outside the machine. The rails guide products, which are clamped on pallets, into the machine and out after processing – fully automatically. An automatic pallet changer minimises clamping time so you achieve optimal spindle time.

Open machine design

If you need easy access to your CNC machine, say you want to load large components with a crane, then our open CNC machines with moveable gantry, such as the UNIPORT 6000 or UNIPORT 7000 will be a good choice.

This type of CNC machine can also be equipped with a pendulum machining feature if desired. Your machine will then have two stations which means you can process products almost continuously in alternation. As an option, you can add a carrousel station, for powerful milling and turning in a single machine.

Best possible processing with automatic head changer

It is usually not possible to perform all operations equally efficiently with a single head, so you might need a special machining head. We offer a head changer as additional option, including several specific heads that are stored in the gantry column. These are universal turning and milling heads, a powerful right-angled head, a head for 5-axis simultaneous processing and various compact heads. With our compact heads, you can reach far into the product both vertically and horizontally. We design and manufacture these heads to your specifications.

The machine automatically selects the most suitable head for each operation. Your product will be machined accurately and efficiently – essential in a market that often depends on complex products.

Save time with a separate probe

A standard feature of our closed UNICOM machines is the measuring probe. The probe checks the dimensions of a product during the machining process. Our unique in-processing probe is mounted in a separate slide which is parallel to the vertical spindle, so there is no need to exchange the tooling before measuring. This saves you a great deal of time. Furthermore, it does not affect the accuracy, providing a better machining result. A separate probe is an optional extra on our UNIPORT gantry machines.

Features for specialist operations

We have in-depth knowledge of our own products and your market, and we are not shy of a challenge. Because we use our own machines daily for our own production processes, we know exactly what they are capable of. In the past, this has led to developing new functions for complex operations. For instance, milling spiral grooves in control valves or triple offset butterfly valves.

Sharing knowledge

Unisign is all about craftsmanship. We do not assemble components manufactured by others; we develop and build our CNC machines almost entirely ourselves. The people who design, manufacture and assemble our CNC machines are the same people you speak to when you need assistance They know exactly what they are talking about, down to the smallest detail, and are more than happy to share that knowledge with you. You can always count on the best technological support from Unisign.

It goes without saying, that we also share our knowledge with your staff too. We will train them to get the most out of our CNC machines. We provide three standard training courses: Programming, Maintenance and Operation.

benefits of Unisign CNC machines for pumps and valves

    – wide range of closed and open machine designs
    – high flexibility
    – automatic pallet changer
    – pendulum machining
    – optimum spindle times
    – automatic head changer
    – carrousel turning station
    – in-process measuring probe in its own slide

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