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chassis side members
for truck industry

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Unisign machining centres are ideal for producing large automotive components for trucks, such as axles, engine blocks and chassis side members. They are supplied to world leading truck manufacturers on all continents of the world. Whether you choose the Unipro5L, the Univers6000 or the versatile Unitwin6000 depends on the requirements of your specific application.

large work envelope for bigger parts

The Univers6000 and Uniport6000 offer a large work envelope making it the perfect solution for manufacturing big and especially long work pieces such as beams, traverses and side members. And with 5-sided machining, almost unique in this sector, production flexibility is assured. Features include:
• Optional gear-box driven main spindle (torque: 1000 nm)
• Precise machine geometry
• Machining heads for multi sided operations
• Designed for high rigidity and repeatable accuracy

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We understand that every customer has unique needs. Customer satisfaction and safety is very important to us and we aim to achieve this by providing custom-made solutions that fit your industry requirements. If you fail to find the application you are interested in, please, get in contact with us and we will provide the reliable solution.

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