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Choose your CNC machine

CNC machining centres come in all shapes and sizes, so which one do you need? Just consider the difference between a CNC machine with a gantry, a multitasking CNC machine or one that has been built to your specifications. You want to make a properly thought-out choice, not least because a new CNC machine is a considerable investment. Based on our many years of experience and our expertise, we will help you make that choice. These are the most important points to consider when deciding which CNC machine is right for your manufacturing situation:

  1. Your product / dimensions
  2. Metals
  3. Operations required
  4. Product accessibility
  5. Added value
  6. Service level
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The portal machines in our Uniport series are particularly suitable if you need to machine large components from more than one side. Our CNC machines offer you the flexibility to do this rapidly and accurately.


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Multi task

You will find many CNC milling machines with turning functionality added and conversely, many CNC lathes with milling functionality added. With our multitasking CNC machines you get the best of both worlds.


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Unicom 7000 - multitask cnc machining centre


Your product might require a CNC machine to be developed specific to your needs. We have considerable experience building dedicated CNC machines for truck front axles, truck rear axles and forklift mast profiles.


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Unitwin6000 - dedicated cnc machining centre for truck front axles