an innovation in CNC machining of truck rear axles


Rear axle machining in a single setup

> to the greatest precision
> in the shortest possible time

Our UNIAXLE is a revolutionary new CNC machine for machining welded and cast truck rear axles!
You can machine complete truck rear axles in just one set up on ONE single machine. It’s faster, more accurate and saves you money. You won’t need so many different machines, thus saving space on the shop floor. The UNIAXLE CNC machine is universal and can machine a wide variety of rear axles.

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  • Unique technology
  • Simultaneous milling and turning
  • Single clamping

Unique technology – turning head

The UNIAXLE CNC machine is unique: with a cutting tool rotating around the rear axle. The turning head we use is an innovation from our own R&D department. With this innovation we found the ideal balance between accuracy, speed and flexibility.

Simultaneous milling and turning

In addition to the unique head, this CNC machine also has a milling spindle. All turning and milling operations on the rear axle are carried out at the same time. Another advantage is the rotation unit which turns the rear axle through 90 degrees so the milling spindle can also machine the rear axle banjo.

Single clamping

A production line with multiple machines requires many different operations. The frequent lifting, moving and setup operations influence the lead time as well as the accuracy of the machining. Single clamping means greater process reliability and a significant reduction in changeover times!

technical specifications


  • Turning head
  • Milling/drilling spindle
  • Axis drive and feed system
  • Automatic loading
  • Various

Turning head

  • Z-axis
    750 mm
  • Radial axis (x-axis)
    100 mm
  • Spindle power
    29,3 kW (S1-100K) | 37,5 kW (S6-40%)
  • Spindle torque
    1000 Nm (S1-100K) | 1280 Nm (S6-40%)
  • Spindle speed
    630 min-1
  • Tool taper
    Capto 6
  • Number of tool pockets
  • Tool change time
    9 sec

Milling/drilling spindle

  • X-axis
    700 mm
  • Y-axis
    700 mm
  • Z-axis
    1250 mm
  • Spindle power
    52,4 kW (S1-100K) | 56 kW (S6-40%)
  • Spindle torque
    1000 Nm (S1-100K) | 1375 Nm (S6-40%)
  • Spindle speed
    4000 min-1
  • Tool taper
    Capto 6
  • Number of tool pockets
  • Tool change time
    9 sec

Axis drive and feed system

  • Rapid / feed rate X,-Y-,Z-axis
    40.000 mm/min

Automatic loading

  • Unloading/loading in 60 sec
  • Overhead loading crane with double gripper
  • Input and discharge station


  • Fully enclosed working environment
  • Vacuum extraction with filter unit
  • Measuring probe
  • Integrated chip conveyor
  • Siemens 840D-sl control
  • Touch screen
  • Remote access

cnc machine application

  • Truck

With over a million truck front axles being produced every year on Unisign machines it’s fair to say that we know what we are talking about in applications like these for the truck makers industry. We have established a world leading position by introducing the Unitwin6000, a CNC machine with two very powerful main spindles. The improvement in quality and reduction in cycle time is astonishing!

applications for truck

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