moving table machining centre


High flexibility

Multi-sided machining and automatic feeding of profiles

Precision and machining in pairs

Forklift mast channels constructed from rolled steel profiles can vary in length from 1 to 8 metres, so they need to be produced by a machining centre that combines high accuracy with a bar feeding transport unit. Since the 1990s, we have gained a lot of knowledge about machining these mast channels. We have translated that knowledge into a dedicated CNC machine: our Unimast. This vertical CNC machining centre offers you the highest levels of productivity, flexibility and safety, and what’s more, it’s easy to program and easy to use. It enables you machining in pairs of 4 or 6 profiles that are usually required for the production of a complete forklift mast.

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high uptime

The rolled, steel profiles are fed in pairs in our CNC machine and clamped by the double-executed, NC-controlled turntable. Just as in the assembled forklift truck mast, they are mirrored relative to each other in the double NC turntable. This enables you to process them both in a single operation. Furthermore, your material flow is a given, we ensure that our CNC machine fits in perfectly. Advantages like remote machine monitoring from Unisign’s own service centre ensure high uptime and a good ROI.

high flexibility

At Unisign, we are well aware of your challenges in forklift construction. U, I and other types of profiles with various cross-sections and in many different lengths have to be processed quickly and efficiently within your manufacturing process. Our dedicated CNC machine enables you to process steel profiles from 1 to 8 metres long and to rotate them along their longitudinal axis for drilling and milling on all four sides. Switching between profile types and the associated production programs is streamlined. No matter how wide your product range is, and with it the variation in profiles: you can process them on the same CNC machine.

safety and operator comfort

By utilizing a Unimast you’ll achieve considerable safety improvements. This CNC machine reduces the number of human interventions to a minimum. So you’ll not only reduce the risk of hazardous situations, you’ll also minimise the chanche of errors. What’s more, your employees are always at a safe distance and are fully shielded from the machining process. The work becomes less labour intensive for your operators. They place the profiles on the loader, or they are automatically retrieved from your warehouse. The barcode or other type of code on the profiles is then scanned, the correct processing program is loaded and the machine automatically sets itself up for the product. After machining, the profiles are transfered with a bar feeding system to the exit position for further handling.

technical specifications

This Unimast is a very powerful CNC machine, dedicated for forklift mast channels with automatic adaptability for many variations in profiles, flexible hydraulic clamping and the lowest cost per parts.

work area

  • X-axis
    2.200 mm
  • Y-axis
    1.000 mm
  • Z-axis
    600 mm


  • Gear box driven
    26,5/36 kW
    6.000 min-1
    1.000 Nm


  • Tooling
  • Taper size
  • Number of pockets
  • Tool change time
    9 sec
  • Speed
  • Rapid traverse
    32.000 mm/min
  • Feed rate
    5-32.000 mm/min


  • linear scales
  • Minimum quantity lubrication MQL
  • Measuring probe
  • Conveyor system for material flow
  • Siemens/Heidenhain

CNC machine applications

  • Logistics

We have established a world leading position in front axle machining. Truck manufacturers and suppliers use our UNITWIN CNC machine to produce more than 2 million front axles every year.

For the complex rear axle machining we also have a dedicated solution: our UNIAXLE. With this new CNC machine you can machine cast iron as well as steel welded rear axles to the greatest precision, in the shortest possible time, all in a single setup.

For everything from bogies to wheels and weld preparation to wheel carrier machining, Unisign has highly versatile machines like the Uniport6000 and Uniport7000. These gantry style machining centres are part of the machine tool program that have been designed to deliver extremely high capacity, dynamics, rapid acceleration and offer a generous working area.

applications for logistics

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