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Vertical CNC machining centre with moving column


For milling operations on metal products with a limited width, Unisign has developed two vertical CNC machining centres: the Univers 6000 and the Unipro 5-L. These CNC machines with moving column are powerful all-rounders when it comes to milling. Which of these two comprehensive milling machines can provide the most added value for your production process will depend on several factors.If you process long products with modest width, then our CNC machines with moving column are ideal. And in this sense, ‘modest’ is a relative dimension. These CNC machining centres can easily handle products up to 1 metre wide. Of course, if your products have larger width dimensions, we will be happy to explore our other options. Also, as far as length is concerned, there are hardly any restrictions. You will be pleased to know that our vertical CNC milling machines can handle products as long as 10 metres or more if required.

CNC machines with high milling capacity and speed

Do you have heavy, long workpieces that you need to machine, and is speed almost as important as power and capacity? Or are your components not particularly heavy but you want to process them at the highest possible speed? Then you would be wise to consider a CNC machine with a moving column.

CNC machine for heavy machining at considerable speed

Our Univers 6000 is a vertical CNC machining centre for metal with high milling capacity. This machine does not have any limitations for milling different grades of steel. In addition, you can opt for a right-angled head for multi-sided operations. For heavier machining operations we recommend our Univers 6000 as a true all-round machining centre. We supply this machine in two versions: as a long bed or as a pendulum milling machine.

CNC machine for less heavy machining at top speed

We have the Unipro 5-L in our range for less intensive machining operations without compromising on speed. This vertical CNC machining centre is particularly well suited to processing both steel and aluminium products. We have developed this machine for maximum efficiency. For the main spindle, we offer three configurations: 12 000, 16 000 and 25 000 revolutions per minute. In addition, many clients expand the machine with an integrated A axis for multi-sided machining or for processing multiple products in one set-up.

Interchangeable right-angled head and NC tables

For 5-sided metal product machining, we equip the Univers 6000 with an interchangeable right-angled head and/or NC table. The tools for use in the right-angled head are exchanged automatically. This enables multi-sided machining of your products.

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We have established a world leading position in front axle machining. Truck manufacturers and suppliers use our UNITWIN6000 CNC machine to produce more than 2 million front axles every year.

For the complex rear axle machining we also have a dedicated solution: our UNIAXLE. With this new CNC machine you can machine cast iron as well as steel welded rear axles to the greatest precision, in the shortest possible time, all in a single setup.

For everything from bogies to wheels and weld preparation to wheel carrier machining, Unisign has highly versatile machines like the Univers6000, Uniport6000 and Uniport7000. These moving column and gantry style machining centres are part of the machine tool program that have been designed to deliver extremely high capacity, dynamics, rapid acceleration and offer a generous working area.

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Heavy duty turning, milling and drilling characterises the production of components for energy-producing equipment like (wind) turbines. So you need a CNC machine that can take the load. A mill-turn machining centre like the Unicom6000, Unicom7000 and the Uniport7000-MTC or a multi-functional Uniport6000 and Uniport7000 are the ideal solution for producing these demanding parts.

Pumps and valves for the oil & gas industry can be highly complex parts to produce with seals, gaskets, flanges and requirements like spiral grooves and elliptical conical eccentric turning. The machining centres from Unisign, with their high degree of automation and specially designed software, are a unique solution capable of milling parts that others cannot.

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At Unisign we understand that our customers don’t just buy a CNC machine, they buy a process. And price per part is key. So for general applications we offer high torque machines with high material removal rates, including 5-axis and 5-sided machining and a choice of moving table or palletized, depending on the footprint available.

applications for general machining

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