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Multitasking CNC machines for high quality milling and turning


When milling and turning are integrated in one CNC machine, one of the two operations often remains predominant.
You will find many CNC milling machines with turning functionality added and conversely, many CNC lathes with milling functionality added. With our multitasking CNC machines you get the best of both worlds: high-quality and high-capacity milling and turning operations are carried out by one and the same machine, where both operations are in balance.At Unisign we don’t like making concessions. Which is why we have created a series of CNC machines that can perform milling and turning (including drilling) operations with high capacity and accuracy. Whether you select our Uniport 7000-MTC, Unicom 6000, Unicom 7000, Unicom 7000-XL, or our Uniport 6000 or 7000 with an integrated carousel station will depend on the dimensions of your metal products. But your choice will also determine the way you want to work. Would you prefer to change and clamp products on the machine manually, or would you rather leave this to an automatic pallet changer?

CNC machine for large products. Change on the machine

The Uniport 7000-MTC offers you the greatest reach on the X and Y axes. This CNC machine can even process products up to 6 metres in diameter. As an option, we supply various heads that enable you to deploy this CNC machine with enormous flexibility and even for simultaneous 5 axis machining. The Uniport 7000-MTC is equipped with a carousel turning station. You change the products directly on the machine.

CNC machine for large products. Automatic pallet changer

The Unicom 7000-XL can process products up to 4 metres in diameter. The major advantage is that this CNC machining centre, just like the Unicom 6000 and Unicom 7000, is equipped with an automatic pallet changer. You know that changing products on the machine can be very time consuming. An automatic pallet changer does this for you, you will save valuable time and increase the uptime of your CNC machine.

With standard carousel turning station

All our multitasking CNC machines are equipped with a very powerful carousel turning station. However, the way we have integrated the carousel turning station into our CNC machining centres is unique. Various pallet dimensions can be combined. Your product on the pallet is positioned in the working area and clamped on to the carousel turning station. This is an ideal configuration for large heavy products. In this way, you can perform many different operations in just one set-up.

CNC machines with vertical ram construction

Our multitasking CNC machines work with a special vertical ram construction. The ‘ram’ with optional machining head and tool moves downwards and so ‘dives’ into the product being machined. This means you can easily process areas on the inside of your product that are normally difficult to reach.

Our multitasking CNC machines are always equipped with an interchangeable machining head. We can also manufacture machining heads to your specification, so you have even more options for milling, turning and drilling.

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  • General machining

We have established a world leading position in front axle machining. Truck manufacturers and suppliers use our UNITWIN CNC machine to produce more than 2 million front axles every year.

For the complex rear axle machining we also have a dedicated solution: our UNIAXLE. With this new CNC machine you can machine cast iron as well as steel welded rear axles to the greatest precision, in the shortest possible time, all in a single setup.

For everything from bogies to wheels and weld preparation to wheel carrier machining, Unisign has highly versatile machines like the Uniport6000 and Uniport7000. These gantry style machining centres are part of the machine tool program that have been designed to deliver extremely high capacity, dynamics, rapid acceleration and offer a generous working area.

applications for logistics

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Heavy duty turning, milling and drilling characterises the production of components for energy-producing equipment like (wind) turbines. So you need a CNC machine that can take the load. A mill-turn machining centre like the Unicom6000, Unicom7000 and the Uniport7000-MTC or a multi-functional Uniport6000 and Uniport7000 are the ideal solution for producing these demanding parts.

Pumps and valves for the oil & gas industry can be highly complex parts to produce with seals, gaskets, flanges and requirements like spiral grooves and elliptical conical eccentric turning. The machining centres from Unisign, with their high degree of automation and specially designed software, are a unique solution capable of milling parts that others cannot.

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At Unisign we understand that our customers don’t just buy a CNC machine, they buy a process. And price per part is key. So for general applications we offer high torque machines with high material removal rates, including 5-axis and 5-sided machining and a choice of moving table or palletized, depending on the footprint available.

applications for general machining

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