Multi-task CNC machining centre


Mill-Turn capabilities

Powerful machining

Short lead times

When you need the flexibility of mill-turn operations on both single part and series production, choose the Uniport 7000-MTC. This multi-task CNC machine achieves extremely short lead times and very high accuracy, and is ideal for quick-response manufacturing. A high-rail gantry machine with a travelling bridge and stationary carousel turning station, it is built on our most flexible machine platform. It will perform 5-axis machining within a large working envelope, making it a truly cost-effective production choice for a wide range of applications. The innovative ‘box-in-box’ construction guarantees superb rigidity and very stable and accurate production processes.

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One to the power of two

With a Unisign multi-tasking machine you effectively get two machines in one, reducing your capital investment. For such machines, flexibility and reliability go hand in hand with productivity. The wide choice of spindles, drive units and machining heads that comes with this CNC machine extends its capabilities enormously. And with features like a dedicated exchangeable head for turning tools that eliminates load on the bearings while turning, you can be assured of a longer machine life too.

High capacity

With its dedicated high-torque turning station, the Uniport 7000-MTC has enormous capacity, even for large diameter components. It can also take a very high load – up to 80 Ton on a 4.5 metre table – so that very heavy parts can be machined. And with the extended portal height of up to 2.6 metres, tall parts can also be handled with equal ease.

Quick changeovers

Good accessibility, with the table at floor level, means it’s easy for operators to step onto the table to change clamps and work pieces. And that enables really quick changeovers! It’s fully enclosed too, which not only keeps the working environment clean but also ensures a high level of safety.


Technical specifications

This CNC machine, the Uniport 7000-MTC,  can be configured in several ways, so there are different models to choose from. Similarly, there’s a huge selection of options, including spindles and machining heads. Get a taste of what’s possible below…

Work Area

  • X-axis
    3.000 - 6.500 mm
  • Y-axis
    2.000 - 3.500 mm
  • Z-axis
    1.600 mm
  • Distance spindle nose to table
    500 - 2.100 mm
  • Table
  • Table size
    2.000 - 6.000 ø mm
  • Swing circle
    2.500 - 6.500 ø mm


  • Gear box driven spindle and values
    42/73 kW
    6.000 min-1
    1.600 Nm
  • Carousel turning station
    95 kW
    up to 135.000 Nm


  • Tooling
  • Taper size
    HSK-A100 / Capto C8
  • Number of pockets
    # 52-206
  • Tool change time
    10 sec
  • Speed
  • Rapid traverse
    40.000 mm/min
  • Feed Rate
    5 - 40.000 mm/min


  • Right angular indexing head
  • Universal indexing head
  • Various turning tool adaptors
  • 5-axes machining
  • In-process measuring

CNC machine applications

  • Energy
  • General machining

Heavy duty turning, milling and drilling characterises the production of components for energy-producing equipment like (wind) turbines. So you need a CNC machine that can take the load. A mill-turn machining centre like the Unicom6000, Unicom7000 and the Uniport7000-MTC or a multi-functional Uniport6000 and Uniport7000 are the ideal solution for producing these demanding parts.

Pumps and valves for the oil & gas industry can be highly complex parts to produce with seals, gaskets, flanges and requirements like spiral grooves and elliptical conical eccentric turning. The machining centres from Unisign, with their high degree of automation and specially designed software, are a unique solution capable of milling parts that others cannot.

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At Unisign we understand that our customers don’t just buy a CNC machine, they buy a process. And price per part is key. So for general applications we offer high torque machines with high material removal rates, including 5-axis and 5-sided machining and a choice of moving table or palletized, depending on the footprint available.

applications for general machining

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