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CNC gantry machines for multi-sided machining of large products


Unisign develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of CNC machines with a portal for machining metal products. The machines in our Uniport series are particularly suitable if you need to machine large components from more than one side. Our CNC machines offer you the flexibility to do this rapidly and accurately.

We don’t simply configure a machine for the products you are manufacturing now, we look further ahead and consider what you might require in the near future. Perhaps you will need 3 axis or 5-sided machining or 5 axis simultaneous milling. Whatever your situation, we will help you make these and other choices when configuring your CNC machine.

Machining medium to large-sized products

No matter how long your product is, there is a good chance that you will be able to machine it using our CNC machining centres. The minimum length is 2 metres, we will configure the maximum length according to your requirements, even if it is more than 20 metres. Our machines can manage widths from 1 to 6 metres, and heights of up to 2 metres will fit under the gantry. Other dimensions are available on request. We are more than happy to discuss the options with you.

Available in various basic configurations

We supply our CNC portal machines in various configurations. You can choose from:

  1. a machine with a stationary portal under which the clamping table and/or milling table moves. We have three basic versions of this model:
    • with one table;
    • with two tables that can be used individually or together;
    • as a machine with a pallet changing system.
  2. a machine with a stationary clamping table and/or milling table over which the gantry moves. We have two basic versions of this model:
    • an open gantry version;
    • a version with side panels and overhead rails over which the gantry moves.

CNC machine with moving gantry

Our configuration with moving gantry (for example the Uniport4000, Uniport6000 and Uniport7000) is often a good choice for companies from a cost perspective. In this configuration, our CNC machines take up the least space in your factory. And naturally, the amount of space you have available is an important factor in your choice.

This type of CNC machine can also be configured with one or two work zones if required, allowing pendulum operation. You will then have two work zones instead of one, maximising your machine’s uptime. In this configuration you can opt for an open gantry version, where we configure the machine to guarantee easy access from all sides. If you would rather have an enclosed space, we can fit this model with side panels and overhead rails.

CNC machine with moving milling table

If you would like to enclose your CNC milling machine working environment for any reason and make it an enclosed workspace, then we recommend you opt for a configuration with a moving milling table. Our moving milling tables come fully enclosed by default. Please remember that this set-up requires more space. Our standard version has one machine table.

CNC machine with two machine tables

If you opt for our Uniport6000 or Uniport7000 machine, you have the option to add two moving machine tables. This will minimise interruptions to your production process and save you a great deal of time when clamping the products. The tables can also be synchronised so that you can produce longer products across the two tables.

CNC machine with a pallet changing system

With our Uniport6000 and Uniport7000 machines you have the option to add an automatic pallet changing system to the configuration. This makes your CNC machine ready for almost continuous production, and it minimises the number of operator interventions. Your production will hardly be interrupted and you will save a great deal of time when changing the products.

Optional: carousel turning station

Most CNC machines are milling machines. A unique feature of our machines is that we can add a carrousel turning station to provide turning capabilities. We do this by integrating a carousel turning station in the milling bed of our Uniport6000 and Uniport7000 models. This gives you the best of both worlds: powerful machining for milling and turning.

Interchangeable machining heads for high flexibility

Using our CNC gantry machines you can complete a large number of operations in a single set-up. And that’s exactly why you choose a Unisign machine. For even more flexibility, we offer interchangeable machining heads: from a right-angled head, a universal head, and a 5 axis head to custom-made heads to meet your specific requirements. This choice of machining heads means our machines offer unlimited potential for milling, drilling and turning.

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  • Logistics
  • Energy
  • General machining

We have established a world leading position in front axle machining. Truck manufacturers and suppliers use our UNITWIN CNC machine to produce more than 2 million front axles every year.

For the complex rear axle machining we also have a dedicated solution: our UNIAXLE. With this new CNC machine you can machine cast iron as well as steel welded rear axles to the greatest precision, in the shortest possible time, all in a single setup.

For everything from bogies to wheels and weld preparation to wheel carrier machining, Unisign has highly versatile machines like the Uniport6000 and Uniport7000. These gantry style machining centres are part of the machine tool program that have been designed to deliver extremely high capacity, dynamics, rapid acceleration and offer a generous working area.

applications for logistics

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Heavy duty turning, milling and drilling characterises the production of components for energy-producing equipment like (wind) turbines. So you need a CNC machine that can take the load. A mill-turn machining centre like the Unicom6000, Unicom7000 and the Uniport7000-MTC or a multi-functional Uniport6000 and Uniport7000 are the ideal solution for producing these demanding parts.

Pumps and valves for the oil & gas industry can be highly complex parts to produce with seals, gaskets, flanges and requirements like spiral grooves and elliptical conical eccentric turning. The machining centres from Unisign, with their high degree of automation and specially designed software, are a unique solution capable of milling parts that others cannot.

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At Unisign we understand that our customers don’t just buy a CNC machine, they buy a process. And price per part is key. So for general applications we offer high torque machines with high material removal rates, including 5-axis and 5-sided machining and a choice of moving table or palletized, depending on the footprint available.

applications for general machining

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