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Unisign has many years’ experience in machine building, and knows how to help you get the most out of its machines. Need to increase productivity? Aiming to maximise accuracy? Want to cut down on machine stops and collisions? Our Services and After Sales specialists are on hand. We even provide refresher courses for your own people (machine operators and programmers) to get them up to speed on the latest machining processes and to teach them smarter programming. Here are some of the Services and After Sales activities we offer as your Partner in Productivity.


Unisign Services provides the best service and after sales support. We share our expertise with you and are always available when you need a partner to think along with you. Our main goal is to solve your machine problem as quickly as possible, and to deliver top quality on top of that.

Responsive service: In the event of a breakdown, we provide responsive support on site. At Unisign this means that always a well-skilled service engineer with specialist knowledge of your CNC machining centre will be sent.
Well prepared: When you contact the Unisign Service Department by phone, the person at our end of the line has all information available of the machine installed at your location.
Remote diagnose: Machine problems can be diagnosed by use of Remote Diagnose before a service engineer will arrive. This means that always the right parts will be available with the engineer.
Critical component replacement: The Unisign Component Exchange System enables us to replace critical components quickly and reduce machine downtime .

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original spare parts

Unisign original spare parts guarantee you a reliable operation:

  • Minimum downtime, maximum service life
  • Operational safety
  • Improved operation and maintenance via the latest technology
  • Long-term availability and traceability
  • Quick delivery

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refresher courses

  • Programmer training
  • Operator training
  • Maintenance training
  • Training for performing in-process measurements

Each of these training modules can be provided either on location in your own premises or at Unisign’s facilities in the Netherlands. The training is hands-on and tailored to your own specific applications and needs. Signing up for these courses couldn’t be easier: just use the form on this page or call the number below.

preventive maintenance

As the machine builder, Unisign is in the best possible position to offer you a tailor made maintenance program. Our preventive maintenance contract is designed to keep your machine in optimum condition, and to ensure full use over its entire lifetime. All maintenance is performed by trained Unisign engineers, and only original Unisign parts are used if replacements are necessary. This ensures your machine continues to offer the highest accuracy and quality requirements. Don’t have a contract yet? Call the number below to arrange one and start benefitting immediately.

accuracy checks

If you are experiencing a higher than normal level of rejects, or if you have concerns about the accuracy of your machine setups, it may be time to conduct some precise measurements. Trained Unisign engineers, with long experience in geometry and laser measurement, will conduct highly accurate checks and then deliver a full geometric report along with advice on how to resolve any issues. By having your machines checked regularly you can be sure that the accuracy and quality of your products will remain consistent over time.
View video ‘Expert in Accuracy’ and ask for a proposal!

retrofitting service

To extend the production capabilities of your machine, several retrofit options are available. For example, we can offer many different sorts of attachment heads, probes for work piece or tool measurement, rotary axis, pick-up stations for oversized tools, collision monitoring and many software options. Just pick up the phone and talk to one of our after sales engineers for advice on the best options for your particular machine and application.

moving the machine

Do you need to move your Unisign machine to another location? Wherever it has to go, you can rely on us to take a load off your shoulders. Our experience in preparing machines for transport, installing them at their new location and putting them into service is invaluable to you. And in cases where the machine has to be disassembled completely, we have the expertise and the lifting systems you need. Call us for a quotation any time. Call this number to contact our After Sales team directly: +31 (0) 77 306 84 77

Unisign ensures high availability of original spare parts.

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