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Maintenance contracts

Save costs with regular maintenance
If your valuable CNC machine is well maintained on a regular basis, you can be certain that in the long term, you will experience fewer faults. And fewer faults means less downtime and lower costs. We are happy to carry out this regular maintenance for you. There are two ways we can do that. You can either schedule one or more individual maintenance visits, for which we will charge you after we have serviced your machine. Alternatively, you can take out a 3-year maintenance contract at a fixed price and receive 10% discount on the cost of spare parts. If you decide to take out a maintenance contract, we will carry out one major and one minor service on your machine each year at scheduled times.

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Geometry checks

Keep your machining precision up to standard
When milling and turning workpieces on your CNC machine, accuracy plays a major role. It is important to conduct regular geometry checks to ensure your machine’s accuracy stays up to standard. This will provide you with clear information regarding the operational precision and accuracy of your machine. It will also tell you what action is required to improve the accuracy, if necessary. We recommend having a Unisign measurement specialist conduct a geometry check at least once a year. You can also choose to have a geometry check included in your maintenance contract.

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