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Unisign machines – the first choice for high-precision finishing

Brück GmbH in Germany is one of the leading specialists in the production of bespoke forged components that satisfy the most exacting needs. The company fulfils orders from well-known customers across all industries. Its products are also 100% “Made in Germany”. Brück’s forging workshops, heat treatment plants and machining facility are all located on its 15-hectare production campus in Saarbrücken-Ensheim, which is where the components are also welded and assembled.

The company manufactures products such as seamless hot-rolled rings, flanges and specialist forged iron components according to the customer’s specifications. Brück possesses an impressive range of machinery, including more than 100 CNC machines, and is capable of producing assemblies of up to 250 tonnes total weight with very strict manufacturing tolerances. Even large components can be produced in just a single process.

7 Unisign machines

As a master craftsman in the drilling/machining centres department, Sergej Koval has worked with Unisign machines from the very beginning. The first machine, a Uniport 8000, was purchased in 2006 and is still in use in the milling department to this day. The other six Unisign machines owned by Brück are located in the drilling/machining centres department. All six of them are fitted with a turning station for drilling and turning rings and other components.

As Sergej Koval explains: “Our department carries out machining work on short production-runs and individual pieces alike. But every one of those, without exception, is a large component. Here at Brück, a component weighing 3 tonnes is classed as a small component. To give just one example: Wind turbines contain large rings that control the power transmission system. Rings of that type are the sort of products we typically produce.”

First choice for precision

At Brück, the Unisign machines are used to perform finishing work only. Sergej Koval continues: “The CNC machines from Unisign are very precise. Once a component has been forged, it is heat-treated, pre-treated and pre-turned, and only then is it sent to us for finishing. Whenever precision is at stake or whenever complex components are being produced, the Unisign machines are always our first choice for machining.”  


Sergej Koval continues: “We are very satisfied with the Unisign machines. What we like about them the most is that programming and using the machines is very easy. The design of the machines from Unisign is also well-thought-out from start to finish. They consistently use specific configurations, without exception. That is why the machines from Unisign are so user-friendly.”

Workforce planning is more flexible

In the past few years, Brück has acquired new Unisign machines on a regular basis. As Sergej Koval explains, he and his colleagues feel that the universal structure of the various Unisign machines is a major advantage: “The fact that the various Unisign machines are operated in an almost identical way means that I have greater flexibility in assigning my staff. An operator can be deployed at many different positions within the machining process. If, for example, a standstill occurs in one part of the process, I can simply move one of the workers from one machine to the other.” 


“Our people also enjoy working on the Unisign machines,” said Koval. “Everyone who comes into direct contact with the Unisign machines is always full of praise. Of course, malfunctions do occur from time to time, and no machine can continue operating forever. But whenever anything happens that we can’t resolve immediately in-house, we have a more or less direct line to the Service department at Unisign. If a machine needs attention from a Unisign technician, the company always sends someone who knows what exactly they are doing. Based on my own experience, I would recommend CNC machines from Unisign to others without any hesitation at all.”

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High-precision finishing of forged components

November 16, 2021

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New CNC machine for rear axle machining

Launch – new CNC machine for rear axles

We have launched our revolutionary new CNC machine for the truck industry: the UNIAXLE. A dedicated CNC machining centre where welded and cast rear axles can be machined in a single setup. It will improve the accuracy and quality of rear axles. Production processes will be quicker and more cost-effective. Learn more! Download our interesting…

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Innovation - rear axle machining

Innovation for rear axle machining – free webinar

We are launching an innovation the truck industry has never seen before: a new CNC machine for rear axles! Rear axle machining in a single setup! This machine will increase the accuracy AND quality of your rear axles. Your production process will be quicker and more cost-effective. Join our free webinar! See the new UNIAXLE…

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Expert in accuracy

Expert in accuracy

Products are only as accurate as the CNC machine that produces them. It is therefore of great importance to keep a close eye on the accuracy of your CNC machine. This is the only way you can ensure high quality products.Have regular accuracy measurements taken! We offer A comprehensive geometry measurement by using standardised methods…

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Machining of rear axles - new innovation

“This revolutionary design for machining rear axles is going to change the truck industry forever”

Unisign introduces UNIAXLE We have already set the worldwide trend for machining front axles for trucks and buses with our UNITWIN6000 machine. Now we are at the eve of another revolutionary machine design for the truck industry: the UNIAXLE. A dedicated CNC machine where welded and cast rear axles can be machined in a single…

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Pendulum CNC machining

No downtime with two turning stations

Ready for transport to our customer KHS Group in Germany: last week the factory acceptance test was successfully completed for this UNIPORT6000. This portal CNC machine has two carousel turning stations for pendulum operation offering KHS: maximum flexibility no downtime: (un)loading of one turning station while machining continuous on the other turning station KHS is…

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CNC machining of weldments

Increasing manufacturing speed with Unisign portal machining centres

STT Servis in Dlouhá Loučka (Czech Republic) is a family company founded in 2001. In its early years, the company mainly focused on manufacturing medium-sized adapters for loaders, galvanised steel pallets for cylinder sets containing technical gases and producing weldments based on technical drawings. Since 2008, the core business has consisted of producing custom-made weldments…

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CNC machining of rear axles

Revolutionary concept for machining rear axles

Are you producing truck rear axles? And are you facing challenges in maintaining quality and accuracy? Stay tuned for an innovation in rear axle CNC machining. In October 2021, we will unveil a new development for machining rear axles – an innovation, the likes of which the truck industry has never seen before. >>> watch…

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The ideal choice for multitasking CNC machining

Your ideal choice for multitasking machining

Save time and money! Powerful turning AND powerful milling in a single set-up. A pallet change in 60 seconds. On a daily basis we use our UNICOM6000 machine in our manufacturing processes and experience its👍 High uptime👍 High accuracy💪 Powerful milling and turning Our CNC machines are the ideal choice for multitasking in CNC machining! Watch for yourself. April 22, 2021

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CNC machining of large parts

Large, made-to-order components processed down to the smallest detail

As part of the HOMAG Group, HOMAG GmbH is one of the world’s leading suppliers of efficient all-in-one solutions for the woodworking industry and trade, and has been in business for more than 60 years. HOMAG machines are popular with small and medium sized companies as well as large companies in the woodworking sector (including…

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uniport7000 - ideal choice for machining large components

Your ideal choice for machining LARGE components

6.500 kilograms, 7,5 m long and 1,5 m in height. Always wondered how such large components are machined with precision? Or are you looking for a CNC machine for large parts? Our portal CNC machines are the ideal choice! Watch for yourself. On a daily basis we use the UNIPORT7000 gantry machine in our manufacturing…

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Unicom installation at Engel Austria

Total machining solution: three UNICOM6000 machines connected together via FMS

ENGEL Austria GmbH shares their experience with Unisign in a brand new case study. ENGEL is a global supplier of machines and automation solutions for injection-moulding processes. With its nine production sites, the company is represented at strategically important locations in Europe, North America and Asia. Three of those production facilities are located in Austria….

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Wilo pumps uses Unicom6000 for machining pump housings

UNICOM6000 – indispensable for production of large pumps

Discover our new case study on the Wilo Gruppe: one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-tech pumps and pump systems for use in building services engineering, water management and industry. “Our activities in this segment first began with the production of heating pumps, and that still forms a major branch of our company’s operations…

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Unitwin6000 for front axle machining at Kamaz, Russia

KAMAZ, Russia operates UNITWIN6000

KAMAZ: Russia’s largest truck manufacturer with a focus on the production of heavy duty trucks with a gross vehicle weight exceeding 16 tonnes.  At their manufacturing location in Tatarstan (Central Russia) we commissioned a UNITWIN6000. A state-of-the art CNC machine for machining truck front axles. It cuts cycle times on front axles manufacturing dramatically –…

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Efficient machining of front axles, Unitwin6000

Front axles exclusively machined on UNITWIN6000

Rába Automotive Holding Plc shares their experiences with Unisign in a brand new case study. With over one hundred years of experience, Rába Automotive Holding Plc. is one of the largest companies in Hungary serving the automotive industry, employing more than 1700 people. Rába Axle Ltd. designs and produces front axles and axle components and…

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Live stream factory acceptance test Uniport 6000

Live stream factory acceptance test

We successfully completed the factory acceptance test of the UNIPORT6000 for PALMS (Palmse Mehaanikakoda LLC) in Estonia by live stream. Due to corona travel restrictions the customer was not able to visit Unisign. The live stream by Dynamic beeld, licht & geluid was a professional and flexible alternative for a live visit! Palmse Mehaanikakoda LLC produces since more than…

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New Uniport4000-ideal choice for machining large components

New UNIPORT4000 gantry CNC machine

The ideal choice for CNC machining of large components from various materials. We are launching the new version of our UNIPORT4000 gantry machine! The features of our smallest gantry CNC machine are expanded on several points. The right-angular head available as an option now also allows for multi-sided machining. Another important adjustment is the larger…

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Powerful CNC machining at Multicam, USA

Powerful allrounder and flexibility for MultiCam

Just before the turn of the year we completed a great project: the commissioning of a UNIPORT6000 at MultiCam in Dallas, Texas. MultiCam is familiar with our UNIPORT CNC machining centres. Since 2006 they are operating a UNIPORT6000 to their full satisfaction. The new UNIPORT6000 is a valuable addition to their manufacturing capabilities offering their…

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Happy New Year from the Unisign team

Happy and healthy 2021!

We thank all of you for your trust and cooperation in this memorable year with many challenges. Hoping that things improve soon, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful and happy New Year. Stay healthy! The Unisign Team

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UNISIGN quality in its most compact form yet!

Available soon: the NEW version of our UNIPORT4000 gantry machine. Large work area, small footprint Multi-sided machining in a single set-up Excellent accessibility Make huge gains in your processing times! Sign-up for more info

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Machining base frames for edge banding machines

The beating heart of the production process

UNIPORT6 becomes UNIPORT6000 – discover our customer case study of Homag Kantentechnik GmbH. HOMAG Kantentechnik specialises in producing edge banding machines, particularly for the furniture industry, with over 60 years of experience in the sector. “We supply our machines to a wide range of customers all over the world,” explains Factory Manager, Ernst Voß, “specifically…

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Unisign CNC machhines at GEMAG, Germany

High accuracy and process stability with Unisign machines

Customer satisfaction of GEMAG Gelenauer Maschinenbau AG, Germany in a new case study: “Our staff and apprentices are our most important assets,” says Managing Director Hans-Peter Weise. “They have the expertise to meet the various technical and technological demands that our customers place on them. That’s why we need machinery that offers a high degree…

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Uniport6000 CNC machine for BMA, Germany

Higher – Wider – Faster

Discover how a large portal CNC machining centre is installed on site: our UNIPORT6000 at BMA Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG, Germany. BMA is operating in total six Unisign CNC machines including two UNIPORT6000 machines. Production of sugar For over 160 years, BMA has been developing and manufacturing machinery and equipment for the industrial-scale production of sugar. BMA…

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Uniport 6000 at VDL Konings

Performing multiple operations on complex welded structures

We are very proud to share the reference of our highly valued customer VDL Konings, the Netherlands VDL Konings was approached by a medical device manufacturer, asking the firm to produce a number of mechanical components.Sales Manager Erik Leppers says, “They wanted to move their production from China to Europe, so we had to come…

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Machining of truck front axles

Machining front axles revolves around efficiency

Machining forged non-drive front axles for trucks and buses comes with its challenges. As the market leader in this field, we know exactly what you need to machine a front axle on every side perfectly, using just one set-up. Our UNITWIN6000 has been embraced by respected truck manufacturers and suppliers across the world. Thanks to…

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Uniport 6000 for machining of small and large components

Universal CNC machine for small parts and large components

We are very proud to share the reference of our highly valued customer Ferdinand Steck Maschinenfabrik, Switzerland An easy decision The relationship between Steck and Unisign actually goes back to the 1990s, when Steck bought its very first portal milling machine: a UPB 180. Hans‑Rudolf Steck says, “In 2017, we needed to replace the machine,…

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Truck front axles machining

Truck front axles machining at RABA

Ready for action! Our customer RABA in Hungary can start machining truck front axles on their Unitwin 6000. Commissioning and start-up of this dedicated CNC machine was successfully completed last week. Tension-free clamping Modern front axles are more demanding and the machining force for machining remains high. That makes this process extremely complex. Tension-free clamping…

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Uniport 6000, CNC machining for machining parts for debarkers

Machining of parts for debarkers

“We are ready to rock`n roll with our Uniport 6000!!” says Jari Linden, Manufacturing Manager at Valon Kone Oy (Finland). “The commissioning of the CNC machine is completed and everything has gone very well. We all are very proud of the new machine! Our journey with the Uniport 6000 begins!” World’s leading manufacturer of rotor…

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Deburring robot for truck front axles

Development of deburring robot

In recent months, Bart Winkelmolen and Maarten Visser have been working on the development of a deburring robot for machined truck front axles during their graduation internship for the HBO Mechatronics academy. Mechatronics graduation project They have researched the optimal deburring method of truck front axles and the way in which the complex contours of…

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CNC machining of pumps and valves

Smooth CNC machining of pump and valve equipment

Standards are high in the oil and gas, chemical, mining and food sectors. The quality and reliability of pumps and valves is essential

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CNC machining-new portal brdige for Homag Kantentechnik

New portal bridge – HOMAG Kantentechnik

This portal bridge is ready for shipment to HOMAG Kantentechnik in Germany. The acceptance test has been completed successfully! State of the art CNC machine: flexible and accurate The new portal bridge will replace the bridge of the existing Uniport 6 CNC machine which HOMAG Kantentechnik has been using to their full satisfaction since 2000….

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CNC machining for forklift mast channel profiles

Unimast: the best CNC machine for forklift truck mast profiles

The telescopic mast is perhaps the most important component of a forklift truck, so processing the mast profiles is key. The Unimast CNC moving table machining centre is specially developed for efficiently milling forklift truck masts. More and more forklift truck manufacturers are using our Unimast CNC machines to mill their mast profiles. This vertical…

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CNC machining centre, Uniport 6000-HV for DroidX in Hungary.

CNC machining capacity and flexibility for DroidX

DroidX is a relatively young but very ambitious company in Hungary. The scope of activities of DroidX Ltd. include tool manufacturing, manufacturing of railway parts, and a major supplier to the automotive and energy industries. The company is founded by Mr. Dubics. He has expanded the production and machine capability in the past years to…

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CNC machining Unicom7000

ABB Turbocharging about Unisign

We are very proud to share the reference of our highly valued customer ABB Turbocharging, Switzerland: “In 1999 we installed a Unisign Uniturn 6 C system which was still a ‘prototype’ at the time. The system consisted of two machines connected to a conveyor which in those days was considered ‘state of the art’ with…

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Unisign Service Team - keeps support going

Our services continue!

Do you need spare parts? Or do you have a service issue with your CNC machines? Also in these difficult times with Corona we support you with good technical service and ensure the availability of your CNC machine. Of course we have to adapt to the new circumstances and measures at this moment. Our service…

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Unisign CNC machines for aerospace

Proven CNC machining in aerospace

We have been supplying advanced CNC machining centres to Tier 1 and Tier 2 aerospace industry suppliers worldwide since 1999. The high-quality aluminium components they produce on our machines are parts for commercial, military and private jets manufactured by leading companies such as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer. We are familiar with their manufacturing challenges,…

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Technical students from TISM Belgium on Unisign factory tour

Inspiring young people!

Promoting and inspiring young people and awakening their enthusiasm for a technical profession and career in the machine tool industry. That is an important objective which we fully endorse at Unisign. We maintain good contacts with technical schools and universities in the Netherlands and Belgium and organize company visits for students. Extended factory tours The…

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CNC machine Uniport6000 for Multicam, USA

Uniport 6000 for USA based MultiCam

This Uniport 6000 for MultiCam is ready for shipment to the USA. The factory acceptance test for the CNC machining center has been successfully completed last week. Since 2006, MultiCam has been operating already a Uniport 6000 to their full satisfaction. The new Uniport 6000 is a valuable addition to their manufacturing capabilities offering their…

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ISO 9001: 2015 certificate

Certificate renewal ISO 9001:2015

Congratulations to our team for getting our ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System certification renewed! A good start of the new year. We have successfully renewed this certificate for the next three years. The Quality Management System is certified for: selling, designing, producing, installing, maintaining and servicing CNC machining centres as well as training third…

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Uniport 6000, CNC machine for Homag GmbH

Uniport6000 for HOMAG wood processing solutions

This week the factory acceptance test for the Uniport6000 CNC machining center for HOMAG GmbH has been successfully completed.Another milestone in a long and pleasant cooperation with this German global market leader for wood processing machines. With this new Uniport6000, the HOMAG Group is operating in total twelve Unisign machines. HOMAG Group -woodworking industry The…

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Happy New Year from the Unisign team

Happy New Year!

As we´re finishing this year, we would like to thank all of you for your trust and cooperation in 2019. Enjoy the festive season! We wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a healthy, prosperous and successful New Year! The Unisign team

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Puja ceremony for CNC machine

Puja ceremony for CNC machine

The Hindustan Puja ceremony in India is the traditional way to bless a new machine and its operators. Last November our new Unitwin6000 CNC machine for Ramkrishna Forgings Limited was blessed with this Puja ceremony. The Unitwin6000 is a state-of-the-art CNC machining centre dedicated for the machining of front axles in the truck industry. With…

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CNCmachine for producing band saw machines

Uniport6000 for band saw machines

Successful commissioning and start-up of our Uniport6000 CNC machine at PEGAS – GONDA in the Czech Republic. PEGAS – GONDA is a manufacturer of quality band saw machines. They develop and produce the machines completely in-house. Thanks to the very large demand for band sawing machines, a strategy has been developed to double their capacity by…

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EMO 2019

EMO2019: a big thank you

An amazing week it was: from 16 to 21 September, about 117,000 production specialists from 150 countries visited the world’s leading metalworking tradeshow. “This EMO Hannover 2019 built on the success of our boom year in 2017,” reported EMO General Commissioner Carl Martin Welcker. “In the context of subdued economic expectations over the past several…

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PALM forest cranes

Production increase for PALM forest trailers

Palmse Mehaanikakoda LLC is a mechanical engineering company, located close to Palmse in Estonia. Since more than 20 years the company produces forest trailers and cranes, designed for use with agricultural tractors. Palmse wants to increase their machining production and has ordered a Uniport6000, enabling them to produce machining parts much faster and at lower…

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EMO2019: improve your machine performance

At EMO 2019, Hannover, we showcase our complete range of high-end CNC machining centres for milling, drilling and turning.  The Unisign machines enable customers to improve their machining performance through reliable state of the art technology, high dynamics, and capacity. Offering lowest cost per piece, high flexibility and quick return on investment. Portal machine for…

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Summer Event 2019

On Friday 12 July we started our summer holidays with the Unisign Summer Event. During the event we have honored our jubilees of 2019 and the colleagues who are going to enjoy their well-deserved retirement. Congratulations to Hay, Mia and Hans with their retirement, Jac and Henk with their 40-anniversary and Henri, John, Christianne and…

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Unisign International Dealermeeting 2019

Successful Dealermeeting 2019

With pleasure we look back on a successful dealermeeting! The morning program contained an interesting workshop of Wim van der Mark on online marketing & social selling. Followed by a factory tour and two very informative presentations on sales success stories by John Snijders (Encoma), Gerhard Steindl & Robert Klaus (Steindl Gmbh). In the afternoon…

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Unisign International Dealermeeting 2019

International Dealermeeting 2019

The final preparations for the 12th International Dealermeeting are in full swing. From June 25th until 27th  we welcome more than 40 agents from around the world. The program offers an interesting mix of:– product and application training– guided tour through our production facilities– presentation of success stories– workshop online marketing and social selling– a…

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Univers6000 for powerful machining of forklift mast channels

Forklift profiles – powerful machining and automatic transfer

Forklift masts are constructed from rolled steel channel profiles that can vary in length from 1 to 6 meters. As these channel profiles must be machined from all four sides, they require a machining center that combines powerful machining and high accuracy with a bar feed system with rotating capability. Solution offering flexibility, power and…

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Unisign at Prodex 2019, Switzerland

From 14th to 17th May Unisign will be represented by our agency H.P. Müller Werkzeugmaschinen AG on the Prodex trade fair in Basel, Switzerland. PRODEX (https://lnkd.in/gGdWfzx) is the leading Swiss trade fair for machine tools, tools and production measurement – the complete production chain. This is where the best companies in the Swiss MEM industry…

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Unisign at Mach-Tech 2019 in Hungary

From 14th to 17th May Unisign is represented by our agency Rother Metal Kft on the Mach-Tech trade fair in Budapest.  Mach-Tech (http://iparnapjai.hu/en) is the largest industrial event organized in Hungary with an estimated 500 exhibitors this year. We kindly invite you to visit the Rother Metal stand in Pavilon “A” nr. 101G and learn…

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Uniport 6000-HV

Maximum flexibility: Uniport 6000-HV with carousel turning table

Unisign will supply a Uniport 6000 HV machine with carousel turning table to ÖSWAG in Austria. ÖSWAG Maschinenbau located in Linz on the Danube is a sister company from ÖSWAG Werft Linz and specializes in subcontracting for general machining. Their strength is assembling customer specific machines, machining of large parts with highest accuracy and machining…

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Automated production of front axles reduces costs per piece

Rába is a large Hungarian supplier of front and rear axles for trucks, tractors and buses. It operates six Univers 6 machines for machining front axles. Satisfied with the good performance of these CNC-machines, Rába has now awarded us the contract for a new machine: the Unitwin6000. Faster and at lower costs Rába is operating…

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Unisign Venloop team

Unisign team at running event Venloop 2019

This weekend the 14th edition of the Weir Venloop takes place in Venlo, the Netherlands. The Weir Venloop is a well known running and walking event attracting each year a remarkable number of athletes and vistors. For the 2019 edition 32.000 participants are expected and a crowd of 100.000 spectators cheering the runners. The Weir…

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Thank you for visiting us at AMB 2018, Stuttgart!

On behalf of the UNISIGN Sales Team, we would like to thank all our visitors for their interest in our products and services! We look back on a very successful week with lots of people visiting our impressive UNISIGN stand.

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UNISIGN Partner in Productivity, AMB 2018 – Hall 9, Stand D52

Also in the 45th anniversary year, UNISIGN will be exhibiting during the AMB 2018 in Stuttgart (18 – 22 September).

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Anniversary weekend 45 years UNISIGN, June 22nd  & 23rd.

Friday afternoon, the festivities started with a nice, pleasant and inspirational gathering for all employees, followed by a family day with guided tour on Saturday.

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UNISIGN supplies machine for milling and grinding at SafanDarley

UNISIGN takes an important position as global producer of innovative and proven machine tool technology in all market segments. UNISIGN regularly appears in articles of renowned technical journals. UNISIGN supplies machine for milling and grinding at SafanDarley Last September, UNISIGN installed the UNIVERS 6000 at our customer SafanDarley (Netherlands). Dimensions: X-5.000 mm, Y-1.000 mm, Z-600…

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SafanDarley: “UNISIGN understands what we do and focusses on what we really need!”

“No-nonsense and a service that continues, also after the purchase. They understand what we do.” That is how Mark Das from SafanDarley describes the relationship with UNISIGN.

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Very successful Demo Days!

On behalf of the UNISIGN Sales Team, we would like to thank all our visitors for their interest and great feedback we received during our Demo Days this week.

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UNISIGN Demo Days in full swing!

We had a successful start of our Demo Days (10-11 April) in Panningen and are very pleased to welcome so many visitors already! The dynamics and possibilities of our UNIPORT 6000-HV are very impressive, so if you still want to visit our Demo Days tomorrow, just sent an email to: sales@unisign.com

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Friday 23 March 2018, UNISIGN celebrated its 45th anniversary!

In the morning the entire staff was treated to a delicious jubilee pastry. UNISIGN was founded on 23 March 1973 by Bart van Ruth. In 2008, his son Paul van Ruth took over. In June, the 45th anniversary will be celebrated with various activities for the employees of UNISIGN and their relatives. In September there…

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UNISIGN Demo Days April 10-11th, 2018

Following the first presentation of the UNIPORT 6000-HV at the EMO 2017, we are pleased to invite you to our Demo Days which will be held on April 10 and 11th.Throughout both  days the dynamics and possibilities of our UNIPORT 6000-HV will be demonstrated at our factory in Panningen, the Netherlands. Furthermore we can inform…

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RC Engineering Turkey purchases a 26m long Uniport 6000

Unisign takes an important position as global producer of innovative and proven machine tool technology in all market segments.

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Voor minimale neventijden heeft portaalfreesmachine streepje voor!

Als je een maximaal spilrendement wilt halen, zijn minimale neventijden essentieel. Portaalfreesmachines hebben dan een streepje voor.

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UNISIGN hosts the VERICUT Users’ Exchange (VUE) Netherlands 2017

November 21st, we had the privilege to host the VERICUT Users’ Exchange (VUE) Netherlands 2017 and combined it with an organised tour of our production factory in Panningen.

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Thank you for visiting us at EMO 2017, Hannover!

On behalf of the UNISIGN Sales Team, we would like to thank all our visitors for their interest in our products and services! It was good  to meet so many new business relations , and welcome familiar faces again! Also a big thank you for all colleagues who worked continuous behind the scenes to make…

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Unisign exhibits at EMO Hannover, Hall 13-C54!

UNISIGN will be exhibiting during the EMO 2017 in Hannover (18 – 23 September). Fitting with its ever growing market position, UNISIGN will….

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Dealermeeting 7 – 9 June 2017

June 7-9th , we were pleased to receive all our representatives from around the world visiting Unisign. They participated in a product training to familiarise themselves with our latest (technical) developments.

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Thank you!

Intec 2017 in Leipzig (7-10 March), the international trade fair for machine tools, manufacturing and automation was a great success!

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UNISIGN installs UNIPORT 6000 at Ferdinand Steck Maschinenfabrik AG

UNISIGN takes an important position as global producer of innovative and proven machine tool technology in all market segments.

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Unisign in action during Venloop 2017!

On Sunday, March 26th, the 12th edition of the Weir Venloop took place in Venlo. As every year, Unisign signed up for this great sports event, which attracts lots of runners and hikers from all different ages.

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Deharde Maschinenbau Germany about Unisign

Customer satisfaction is very important to Unisign so we are very proud to share the reference of our highly valued customer Deharde Maschinenbau, Germany:

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Unisign prominently included in Siemens Reference manual for Aerospace Manufacturing

The Aerospace Industry has a long history of being a pioneer and early adapter of machining from carbon fiber manufacturing many years ago to additive manufacturing and robotics today.

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Unisign produces innovative machines for aerospace industry

Unisign takes an important position as global producer of innovative and proven machine tool technology in all market segments. Unisign regularly appears in articles of renowned technical journals.

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Stafsjö Valves AB installs Uniport 6000

Unisign takes an important position as global producer of innovative and proven machine tool technology in all market segments. Unisign regularly appears in articles of renowned technical journals.

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UNISIGN exhibits at Metalloobrabotka, Moscow

UNISIGN is delighted to announce its attendance of the 18th International Exhibition Metalloobrabotka in Moscow (May 15-19th, 2017).

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Unisign exhibits at Intec Leipzig

UNISIGN will be exhibiting during the Intec 2017 in Leipzig (7 – 10 March). Unisign will be exhibiting together with its partner TWW….

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New ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Unisign is pleased to announce that it has obtained its new ISO9001:2015 certificate.

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AMB international exhibition for metal working

  Also this year UNISIGN will be exhibiting during the AMB in Stuttgart. You can find us in hall 9, stand B72A. The World of Mechanical Engineering 13 – 17 September 2016 AMB, the international exhibition for metalworking, is the leading industry trade fair in the even years and is one of the top 5…

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Unisign launched its new responsive corporate website

The new version is aimed at enhancing customer engagement and providing comprehensive information…

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Aerospace applications

UNISIGN has an extended installed base and a highly appraised reputation within the Aerospace Industry….

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Mill Turn solutions

UNISIGN has developed a whole range of modern turning & milling machining centres with large working envelope…

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Unisign has years of experience in the development of automation and product handling solutions.….

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