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Rear axle machining in a single setup!

An innovation for machining rear axles
Free webinar – 6 October 2021

We are launching an innovation the truck industry has never seen before: a new CNC machine for rear axles! This machine will increase the accuracy AND quality of your rear axles. Your production process will be quicker and more cost-effective.

Join our free webinar!

See the new UNIAXLE for yourself. It’s capable of machining a truck rear axle:

  • to the greatest precision
  • in the shortest possible time
  • all in a single setup!


Who should attend?

  • OEMs and subcontractors in the truck industry
  • Those involved in machining rear axles for trucks
  • People interested in learning more about the latest developments in rear axle machining


When is the webinar?

We will present our innovation for machining rear axles during a webinar on Wednesday 6 October 2021.
Choose your preferred time slot and register now.


How much does it cost?

Participation in our webinar is free!

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Don’t miss this unique opportunity! Sign up now for the time slot most convenient for you. When you have registered, you will receive confirmation of your participation with instructions.

About Unisign

Unisign is a family-owned business which develops and manufactures CNC machines. Unisign has a strong tradition of innovation. The UNIAXLE concept was developed entirely in-house.
We have already set the worldwide trend for machining front axles for trucks and buses with our UNITWIN6000 machine. Now we are at the eve of another revolutionary machine design for the truck industry.

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